Kids Zen Yoga

Kids Yoga Programs

We have a variety of opportunities for children to learn yoga. Our programs offer a fun, non-competitive environment for kids to build friendships, learn poses, understand mindfulness, and just have fun! Through a variety of yoga influenced games, crafts, and meditation practices, your child can enhance their flexibility, coordination, focus, and body awareness.



For children in Kinder thru 5th Grade, our After-School programs provide a convenient option to exercise and relax after a full day at school.


Currently offering Summer Kids Camps during the months of June and July. Camps are typically 4 to 5 day sessions for 2 hours per day.


For one-on-one lessons, small group sessions, or private birthday parties for kids, we will customize sessions to meet your specific needs.


Why Yoga?

Even at a young age, kids encounter stressful situations from school work, music lessons, team sports, peer pressure, and even parental pressures. They are also bombarded with constant distractions from social media, television, video games, and more. How do they learn to cope with the stress? How do they block out the distractions? Yoga provides clear benefits to help your child tackle these issues with movement, meditation, mindfulness, and motivation.


Yoga teaches children how to move the body to let go of tension, control breathing, increase flexibility, improve coordination, and feel energized


Yoga helps you quiet the mind, improve your focus, and understand the benefits of stillness


Become more aware of your body, your thoughts, and your surrounding environment


Understand how to set daily intentions and use positive thoughts and energy to achieve your goals. Develop self-confidence and a positive self-image


“Kids Zen Yoga has helped my daughters improve their confidence and provided them with skills to help them focus and be more aware.”

Elizabeth P. / Mother